About Us

In March 2014, CTSI announced plans to partner with GE Healthcare to build a network of 25 cancer centers throughout India over the next five years. The network will be arranged in a hub-and-spoke fashion and will help AOI bring access to top-quality cancer care for scores of Indians to whom it is not currently available. Each AOI location offers care based not only on the latest clinically-proven medical evidence but on the ideal of maintaining the highest possible standards for trust, transparency and technology.

At American Oncology Institute, we begin the journey against cancer with each of our patients the moment we meet for the very first time. We walk with you every step of the way, as we deliver the very best available cancer care, meeting the highest international standards. We put your needs first, as we offer you all of the latest in imaging, diagnostic, planning, and treatment techniques available world-wide. We go hand-in-hand while maintaining an unmatched level of transparency through your treatment experience. We do so because we accept nothing less than the best possible outcome for each patient we have the privilege to treat.American Oncology Institute’s parent company, Cancer Treatment Services International, is owned and driven by world-class physicians. As a result, CTSI is able to bring university-level care to any region of the world and provide unmatched service in each market it enters. We offer the latest therapy modalities available and make it our primary pursuit to advance the caliber of the care we deliver every day. We do so in the name of the patients we serve.Our physicians participate in the latest global research and are looked upon by their peers as leaders in the field. Our management team has extensive leadership experience in oncology operations and has committed itself to creating the best possible experience during treatments at American Oncology Institute. This unique combination of advanced clinical and operational abilities is what allows us to accomplish American Oncology Institute’s mission – providing world-class, evidence-based cancer care while putting the needs of our patients first.

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